Here at Vimbly, we work with a lot of vendors. A lot of vendors. And one of the numerous byproducts having so many connections, contacts, and relations is our keen intuition of what’s out and about.

We’ve come to recognize our strong knowledge and sense of the city’s flourishing social scene. And we’re happy to share this knowledge! We’ve always thought of ourselves as a very socially aware organization. Sort of like that older sibling who lets you know when that cool indie band is in town, or you’re crazy for almost wearing that skirt to an interview.

Some people have tended to agree with us, and we’ve received a variety of questions over these past few years. Here are a few of our favorites:

Has Vimbly ever had anyone famous make a booking?

Vimbly is a strong believer in confidentiality. We’re not going to be the first to shout, “Hey, world! Jennifer Lawrence taking a sushi making class!” And we’d certainly be the last to want to tell the media we helped someone crash Alec Baldwin’s watercolors with cheese and Tchaikovsky class.  But next time you run into a celebrity at your local knitting circle or Al-Anon meeting, feel free to name drop us.

What are the signs that my Zumba instructor is secretly a serial killer?

Really, now? Who is this? A modern-day permutation of the Zodiac Killer but with a Latin-inspired fitness twist? Serial killers are only interested in things with huge cult followings (like Zumba), have achieved recognition and fame in record times (like Zumba), and involve those who are innocently going about their daily lives… like Zumba. Oh, no.

Now, hol’ up. Before you turn us all into paranoid schizophrenics, let’s make a few things clear. Vimbly puts a lot of effort into making solid, sound relationships with reputable businesses. But, still, how do we know? How do you know your mechanic Rick isn’t a murderer? Or your hairdresser Jacquie? What about your elderly Jack Russell Terrier? Regardless, we’re definitely not jumping at the chance to add a random disclaimer at the end of every booking that reads: Warning. Your Zumba instructor might be a murderer. That’s just not good business.

Is it still chivalrous if a guy pays for dinner? Or is it just perpetuating misogyny?

Once upon a time we lived in a utopian society where every action was a grounded part of objective reality. Everything you did meant exactly what it was and nothing more. Then the ‘90s happened and Seinfeld woke us up to the truth that every social maneuver, manipulation, and faux pas is with hidden subtext.

So what does it mean when a guy pays for dinner? Who knows? But, please, don’t fall into the trap that we’re in some idealized, post-gender inequality world. That still doesn’t mean that a guy paying for dinner means he believes women are unable to provide for themselves. It also doesn’t mean women expect men to pay for dinner as some sort of minuscule reparations for getting less pay for equal work. It’s probably that he just wants to pay for dinner.

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