Oh, hey. How you doing? Awesome? Of course you are. Because you’re you and you happen to live in the greatest city in the world; New York City. Some people might say that we’re cocky or that our worlds move too fast, but they don’t understand what it’s like to live here. New Yorkers are a rare breed of the most motivated, intelligent, conscientious, vivacious taste makers, trendsetters and leaders who know what they want and how to get it done. And it’s exhilarating to know that right here, right now in NYC, anything is possible.

Got friends in from out of town? Show them the real New York with a NYC Pizza & Beer tour, a West Village Food & History Tour, a Brooklyn Walking Tour (you don’t have to tell them that it’s free!) or a Downtown Food Truck & Cart walking tour. Or take them on a Photo Tour so they’ll have tangible memories to take home with them!

Want to take someone on a date they’ll never forget? How about something extraordinary like a Classic Convertible Private Tour around town, a Cupcake Class or a food adventure. Frankly, any one of the ideas in our handy Date Guide should do the trick!

If you want to make an impression on a client with an especially memorable meeting, we’ve got Cigar classes, Origins of Flavor in Scotch Whiskey tastings, French Wine & Cheese Tastings and Manhattan Architecture Cruises.

When you’re entertaining parents or relatives, take them sightseeing with a History of Wall Street & Ground Zero Tour, a Subway Art Tour, a NYC Landmarks Tour or a tour of Grand Central Terminal. Or go all out and show them spectacular views of the city with a Sunset Sail around Manhattan.

Maybe you just went through a break up. Keep busy and meet new people at a Cooking Class, a Dance Class or an Improv, Live Music or Comedy show!

Feeling daring? Get out of your comfort zone with a Jet Ski ride. Learn to Scuba Dive. Find out what the heck Waterfall Canyoneering is. Go ziplining, take a weekend to go Backpacking & Camping, go Shark Cage Diving or explore a Wolf Sanctuary. Or maybe even try something a little risque like a Burlesque show!

If you want a fun way to stay fit without feeling like you’re working out, try Belly DancingRock Climbing, Fencing, Paddle Boarding or Trapeze!

If it’s your birthday, treat yourself to something you’ve never done before like a Horseback Ride with Wine Tasting, a Hot Air Balloon Ride, a Beach & Vineyard Bike Tour or test drive Lamborghinis and Ferraris!

If you need the perfect gift for someone special, they will love a Vimbly gift card. Seriously. Is there any other way to hand someone the option to choose from thousands of activities like these??

Trying to figure out what to do with your friends? For a change of pace, why not check out a Pub & Game Crawl or take a tour of Breweries in Brooklyn? Take a Cocktail Mixology class. Or find out where your favorite TV shows like Gossip Girl, Sex and the City or Mad Men were filmed!

Vimbly is the fastest, most convenient way to book thousands of local activities to suit any taste or mood. We want to help you make your already remarkable life even more exciting. Every moment has all the potential in the world, so make it count. Because this is New York.

P.S.  If none of the above interests you, feel free to play the VimblyGame for a personalized list of activity recommendations.

Are you a real New Yorker? Then start having fun like one!
Real New Yorkers really know how to have fun. Here's our guide on how to combat boredom in NYC.


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