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7 Best Activities for Hump Day

By Tom B., November 30, 2014
7 Best Activities for Hump Day
Remember that brief period in your twenties when Wednesday was the new Friday? But why has Wednesday turned into saltines for dinner and Hulu before bed? Explore the city. Rejoice in your Wednesday night slumber by indulging in an activity never before tried--although tackling Hump Day by a camel's hump is only slightly advised. If you’re looking for some midweek excitement that doesn't involve sex, drugs, and Coco Puffs, here’s an easy guide to transform Wednesday into hump day.
This hump day, you’re gonna need to channel your inner Spider Man because you’ll be scaling a massive rock wall. Learning the ropes of rock climbing (seriously, you’ll need ropes), you’re going to prepare to climb the real hump of hump day. That 3:00 p.m. wall isn’t so bad when you’re eye-to-eye with a giant, granite boulder at happy hour.
Sometimes hump day needs a fight. Beat the hump in the same way Legolas fended off Sauron’s wolves in Hollin: With a bow, arrow, and luscious gold locks. Whether you’re interested in competition, hunting, or fending off Sauron’s wolves, you’ll garner the experience necessary and combative wisdom to defend yourself against the hump day blues.
NYC Life Lesson #1: Pizza cures all problems.
Dance relieves stress. Fitness relieves stress. By the transitive property, Zumba, a combination of dance and fitness, should relieve a ton of stress. Get rid of the Wednesday’s hump and do your own version of Digital Underground’s “Humpty Dance.”
Every so often, you need to run away. Run away from work’s hardships. Run away from the day-old sushi in your fridge. Parkour allows you to angulate through the cityscape without ever having to wait for an elevator or pause at a street corner. During your hump day marathon, you should enhance your spatial awareness, and your ability to navigate from building to building via giant leaps, and properly run away.
Interested in putting the “hump” in hump day? Oh yeah, you are.
Hump day breaking your week at the seams? Can’t pinpoint Wednesday anxieties? Needlin’ to try something new and relaxing? Stitch together your midweek anxieties and sew it together. Seems easy enough, right?