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    Absolute Beginner Aerial Hoop

    Remember your childhood hula hooping obsession? Well, here’s your chance to experience the 2.0 version of that, with this Aerial Hoop/Lyra class! Learn the basics of this beautiful art form that doubles as a six-pack building, calorie-burning workout. Start class with a warm up on a yoga mat to prepare your body to climb. Then, jump through the hoop -- literally, a hula hoop suspended from the ceiling, dangling in midair -- to begin conditioning exercises, where you'll build the upper body strength necessary for doing your own stunts. Be sure to enjoy this new artistic flare on your old playground favorite!
    Absolute Beginner Aerial Hoop

    360 Merrimack St, Lawrence

    • Learn the basics of aerial hoop, including conditioning exercises and terminology
    • Combine aerial and visual stunts as you discover a beautiful new artform
    • Tone your muscles and burn calories with a full body workout
    • Improve your overall strength and flexibility in a fun environment
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    Lyra All Levels

    The lyra, also known as the aerial hoop, is an acrobatic style that utilizes a steel hoop, which closely resembles a hula hoop, suspended in the air. Sounds daring, huh? This class will challenge your flexibility and agility with a training program that teaches you the beginner lyra techniques. You'll twist, bend, and hang in the air while creating a routine that will impress anyone with your acrobatic deftness. Challenge yourself while building your strength and confidence for working in the air. Come conquer your fear of heights while having a great time!
    Lyra All Levels

    289 Elm St, Marlborough

    • Learn the basic skills and techniques of lyra such as poses and forms
    • Build strength, flexibility, and agility while increasing your acrobatic capability
    • Conquer your fear of heights and become comfortable moving along with the hoop
    • Have a great time being free in the air while twisting and bending your body
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