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    Lyra All Levels

    The lyra, also known as the aerial hoop, is an acrobatic style that utilizes a steel hoop, which closely resembles a hula hoop, suspended in the air. Sounds daring, huh? This class will challenge your flexibility and agility with a training program that teaches you the beginner lyra techniques. You'll twist, bend, and hang in the air while creating a routine that will impress anyone with your acrobatic deftness. Challenge yourself while building your strength and confidence for working in the air. Come conquer your fear of heights while having a great time!
    Lyra All Levels

    289 Elm St, Marlborough

    • Learn the basic skills and techniques of lyra such as poses and forms
    • Build strength, flexibility, and agility while increasing your acrobatic capability
    • Conquer your fear of heights and become comfortable moving along with the hoop
    • Have a great time being free in the air while twisting and bending your body
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