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    Sensual Splits & Flexibility

    Whether you're a dancer, an acrobat, or just enjoy being bendy, a flat split is the ultimate dream. Splits make poses look so much more refined, and they're downright sexy. Your expert instructor will take you through stretching routines that will get you strong and limber enough to pull off perfect splits and even more difficult full body contortions. You will focus on loosening up your back, legs, shoulders, and hips. As your flexibility improves, you'll also be working on your balance and the strength to support your body weight during impressive contortions. Pilates just got a whole lot sexier!
    Sensual Splits & Flexibility

    5872 Pico Blvd, Los Angeles

    • Learn to execute flat, sexy splits and incredible contortions
    • Loosen and strengthen your back, legs, shoulders, and hips
    • Gain the strength and balance to support your full body weight in impressive contortions
    • All skill levels are welcome
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    Tumbling & Trampoline Intro

    Looking for creative ways to get your recreational life off the ground? Here's a gymnastics class that you'll flip for--literally! Get up in the air on a FIG-certified competitive trampoline and learn fundamental aerial skills under the guidance of experienced gymnastics instructors. You'll also workout on a thirty-foot Tumble Trak where you'll develop the technique and athletic ability to perform dazzling aerial flips and somersaults. This class is designed for students new to the trampoline and provides a supportive, safe environment that will not only help you take your gym routine to the air, but give your confidence an uplifting boost as well!
    Tumbling & Trampoline Intro

    3961 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City

    • Develop gymnastic skills in a class designed around tumbling and the trampoline
    • Get in the air atop a competitive trampoline and workout on a 30-foot Tumbl Trak
    • Master flips and somersaults that will dazzle your friends
    • Build your fine-motor skills and develop your confidence as an athlete
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    Intro to Aerial Silk

    Missed your calling as a circus performer? It's never too late for your career to take flight, as you'll learn in this introductory aerial silks class! Aerial silk arts are built around dazzling and sensuous acrobatic displays in which dancers ascend a loop of hanging silk and perform various in-air feats. During this class, you'll master foundational techniques, including climbing into position, basic postures, inversions, and foot locks. Aerial Physique offers a supportive and patient learning environment in which to develop your skills and build your confidence. You'll also find aerial silks arts to be an effective and fun approach to fitness, building your core strength, stamina, and flexibility. It should be pretty uplifting!
    Intro to Aerial Silk

    4700 West Jefferson Boulevard, Los Angeles

    • Take to the air and perform a dazzling acrobatic dance in this aerial silks class
    • Master graceful and powerful poses and transitions that will have all eyes on you
    • Build your flexibility, body control, and core strength while having a great time
    • Develop confidence and the ability to express yourself in a supportive atmosphere
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