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    Splitsville - Gain Flexability

    Welcome to Splitsville" has never sounded so...welcoming! In this dance class offered by Pole Dance Miami, you'll be engaging in a number of exercises meant to inspire your body to reach new lengths. That's because the exercises taught in this class are built to target the major muscle groups that are necessary to developing dancer-level flexibility. All of these are designed so that you'll develop the physical pliability to perform strong, beautiful splits. Pole Dance Miami offers professional instruction in a lively but focused environment. You'll find yourself pushed to new lengths (literally) in this enjoyably challenging class.
    Splitsville - Gain Flexability

    7207 SW 48th St, Miami

    • Work through a number a of guided exercises and holds designed to enhance your splits
    • Follow along with a trained instructor as you move through a carefully constructed series of movements
    • Discover how far you can push yourself with professional, safe guidance
    • Feel the day's tensions slip away as your muscles get a healthy stretch
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