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    Beginner Static Trapeze

    Flying through the air with the greatest of ease... ever dream of that? Aerial Arts NYC is here to make that dream a reality. In this mixed level Static Trapeze class, you will be working on a bar connected to the ceiling by two ropes. You'll learn poses and sequences, both below the bar and on the ropes, a foundation you can build into flips and momemtum-based skills and tricks. Before you know it, you will be onto the flying trapeze moves you've admired from afar. You'll be ready to run off and join the circus in no time at all!
    Beginner Static Trapeze

    235 E 49th St, New York

    • Learn poses and sequences from a single, stationary bar
    • Focus on the fundamentals of walking the trapeze by practicing perfect technique
    • Build a foundation to learn the more complex skills, such as flipping on the bar and momentum-based tricks
    • No experience necessary
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    Lyra, also known as the aerial hoop, is an acrobatic apparatus that much resembles a hula hoop. In this class, you will learn to navigate the intense intricacies of the lyra while building a vocabulary of poses, drops, and spins, with a focus on transitions and fluidity. Classes typically conclude with strengthening and conditioning exercises for maximizing your individual dexterity. In this activity, you may find yourself having to jump through hoops... literally!

    350 Moffat St, Brooklyn

    • Discover the acrobatic charm of lyra, also known as the aerial hoop
    • Pose, drop, and spin your way to an exciting activity that involves plenty of exercise
    • Feel your body and mind develop new strength and dexterity practicing this intricate art
    • Enjoy this great aerial experience
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