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— Acting & Improv
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    Acting Techniques Free Trial

    Got a penchant for drama? Audit this class to see if you can harness your natural theatricality with this beginning acting class for adults. Whether you've got the simmering intensity of a young Brando, the strict commitment of Streep, or the comic chops of Chaplin -- even if you're a total beginner -- you'll quickly find yourself developing your imagination and connecting with authentic emotions. Using the Seven Pillars Acting Technique, watch as the expert instructor works with students to develop natural they practice exercises and perform scenes. Just remember to thank Vimbly in your Academy Award Acceptance Speech.
    Acting Techniques Free Trial

    2730 S Harbor Blvd, Santa Ana

    • Visit one of our classes to decide if you'd like to join us
    • Watch as we channel authentic emotions in the service of finding artistic truth
    • Make new friends in a warm and welcoming environment
    • Find out if you're cut out to become a DeNiro, a Regis, a Pinkett-Smith
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