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    BATSU! NY's Live Japanese Game Show (Tuesday & Wednesday)

    In German it's called schadenfreude, or the joy derived from the misfortune of others. In Japanese, it's batsu: a game where the loser is forced to endure hilarious and outrageous penalties for the sadistic pleasure of the winner! Come along and watch the intense physical comedy that comes forth when four warriors battle it out to avoid electric shocks, paintball guns, and giant egg-smashing chickens to see who is the most fearless (and least embarrassed) of the contestants. This curious cultural competition will add humor, adventure, and fun to your night out!
    BATSU! NY's Live Japanese Game Show (Tuesday & Wednesday)

    67 1st Ave, New York

    • Mix physical humor, hysterical antics, and fierce competition with BATSU!
    • Watch four warriors compete to avoid hilarious punishments
    • Enjoy a variety of foods and drinks in a cool, underground lounge theater
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    Cupcake Making 101

    Learn how to make cupcakes the Butter Lane way! All you need to bring is yourself, your friends, and a lot of excitement, they will provide everything else. This class is designed for everyone, from the baking enthusiast, to the person who just wants to assist (and eat). You will learn all of the basics of cupcake making. Everything from measuring and prepping to working a mixer like a professional, and perfecting the right amount of butter and sugar to make the best tasting icing, you will do. You will even make Butter Lane's three classic icings, American Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, and Cream Cheese, and have the chance to mix your own version of their famous flavors, like Raspberry, Peanut Butter or Cinnamon. Butter Lane will even show you the secret to their distinctive swirl!
    Cupcake Making 101

    123 E 7th St, New York

    • Learn three cupcake recipes
    • Master American Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, and Cream Cheese icings
    • Mix your own flavors including Raspberry, Peanut Butter, and Cinnamon
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    Burlesque Variety Show

    Only in NYC can you see something like this! Le Scandal Cabaret is NYC's longest running burlesque variety show, featuring circus acts, variety performers, live music, and a bevy of burlesque beauties. Le Scandal performers include a sword swallowing bellydancer, a contortionist, lasso rope trick cowboy, a comedic juggler, a clever magician, a sultry torch singing fan dancer, and many more innovative and cutting edge performers, all to the live music styling of the Le Scandal Orchestra.
    Burlesque Variety Show

    407 W 42nd St, New York

    • Enjoy NYC's longest running burlesque variety show, a brand of American entertainment rooted in Vaudeville and resurging today
    • Witness a variety of performances, including a sword swallowing belly dancer, a contortionist, a comedic juggler, and much more
    • Experience a unique night in NYC
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    NYC Pizza Bus Tour

    This is a tour unlike any other. Hop in a big yellow school bus and go for a four and a half hour adventure throughout New York City. You'll taste some of the city's best kept secrets as you try slices from four of the best pizzerias on the planet. As you move from some of the city's oldest brick ovens to the classic New York slice counters, you'll be discussing the intricacies of pizza history and culture. Become the pizza connoisseur amongst your friends!
    NYC Pizza Bus Tour

    32 Spring Street, New York

    • Travel by school bus throughout Manhattan and the surrounding Burroughs in search of off-the-beaten-path pizza destinations
    • Try pizza from four of the best pizzerias
    • Focus on different oven types and compare production methods
    • Learn about pizza history and culture
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    Balloon Twisting Jam Workshop

    Want to learn how to make a balloon elephant? Maybe a giraffe? How about a poodle? You seem confused, but you can make anything with balloons. That's right, balloons! In this class, you'll learn easy methods for twisting, inflating, and tying balloons. Next, you'll practice making a few animals, a sword, and even some hats. You will be a hit at every party, not to mention it's a pretty cool conversation starter. Balloons are no longer just a party decoration... now they're the canvas for your art!
    Balloon Twisting Jam Workshop

    3433 East Tremont Avenue, Bronx

    • Learn how to properly and easily twist, inflate, and tie balloons
    • Practice making balloon designs including animals, swords, and hats
    • Discover a new skill that you can show off at parties and gatherings
    • No experience necessary
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