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    Comedy Show

    Lately, you've been feeling like a robot -- and not the cute Wall-E kind. With your busy schedule, you're absolutely exhausted after making the trek back home. We hear ya, buddy. That 9 to 5 grind takes it out of the best of us. But hey, remember laughter? And joy? And great, funny things like this comedy show?! ImprovCity has got just the fix you need! With UPROARIOUS shows that feature professional improv comedians, you're guaranteed to forget your troubles for a splendid 90 minutes. You'll watch talented comedians perform games, scenes, and songs made up on the spot based off of audience suggestions. Because you hold the reigns during improv shows, no two shows will ever be the same! By the end of the unique night, your shoulders -- and your mood -- will feel a whole lot lighter. Laughter is truly the best remedy!
    Comedy Show

    3415 Michelson Dr, Irvine

    • Laugh until it hurts during a live improv show put on by the talented cast of ImprovCity
    • Watch the actors perform game, scenes, and songs made up on the spot
    • Share your hilarious suggestions -- after all, improv is all about audience interaction!
    • Refuel your can-do attitude with improv's first rule -- "ALWAYS SAY YES"
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    Shmimprov Show

    Uh-oh, so you've got an evening to plan, a guest to entertain, and you need an idea ASAP. We might have just the thing. How long has it been since you were at a comedy show? What about an improv comedy show? We hope your answer was "pretty recently", because comedy is seriously good for the soul -- and THIS show is one of the best. Going to a comedy club is a great way to get everyone you're hanging out with happy in a hurry. Whether you're entertaining visiting family members, catching up with an old buddy, or out on a date -- it is PROVEN that laughter is good for bonding, and an overall better state of mind. But to top that, an improv show like this is a great chance to be reminded of the incredible ability some people have to be witty and funny on the fly. How do they do it?! Best of all, your family, buddy, or date will be in a heightened state of happiness, and there will be ZERO complaints about the wait at the restaurant you're choosing for dinner afterwards.
    Shmimprov Show

    110B E Walnut Ave, Fullerton

    • Laugh your butt off at this fast and funny "Whose Line Is It Anyway"-style show
    • Check out incredible comics who are able to act, respond, and joke on the fly
    • Enjoy the unique experience of an improv show that will be different each time
    • Discover why Improv Shmimprov has been Orange County's most popular improv comedy show since 2003
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