Defensive Shooting (A/B) - Grip & Trigger Control

What to expect
  • Learn how to properly and safely defend yourself
  • Take a course that will cover the books AND give you some hands-on action
  • Delve deep into the mechanisms behind these deadly, powerful machines
  • Identify malfunctions and learn proper maintenance for your firearm
Defensive shooting is a skill we hope you'll never need, but you never know when the zombie apocalypse might strike in LA.

This course is the beginners level in Artemis Defense Institute's Tactical Achievement Objective (TAO) series. Each two hour session will come in two modules, each beginning with a presentation and followed up with hands-on practical drills. There, you will focus on a specific skill set, specifically modules A and B of the following:

Module A - Grip, Stance, 5 Count Presentation & Sight Alignment

Module B - Trigger Control, Follow Through and Shooting Drills

Module C - Self Corrections and Movement Drills

Module D - Admin, Speed, Tactical Reloads & Drills

Module E - Malfunctions: Class 1, 2 & 3 and Drills

Module F - Marksmanship Accuracy vs. Defensive Combat Accuracy and Drills

After this class, not only will you feel a bit more prepared for any zombies that might come your way, you'll also have taken the proper steps to ensure the safest methods of defense.

The chances you'll ever need to use what you learn are slim, but it never hurts to expand your survival skills. Please remember that guns are not toys, and should always be kept in a safe place away from children or visitors. The human life is precious and devastating mistakes can be avoided with common sense and intelligence.

Note: A program is broken down into 6 modules. Two modules are offered during each session.
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Duration / Session 2 hours
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