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    Martial Arts Tricking

    Want to learn four martial arts at once? Yeah, you read that right -- FOUR. At once! Practice a fusion of modern martial arts, gymnastics, breakdancing, and cheer during this energetic, athletic tricking class! This class will teach you moves from karate, taekwondo, capoeira, and kung fu. Your aim is to create an aesthetic blend of kicks, flips, and twists with focus on self-expression and innovation. Increase your physical strength, agility, and flexibility as you practice maneuvers like balancing on one leg, tumbling, and executing aerial control. With enough practice, you'll find your own style that'll be your signature in the world of tricking!
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    Martial Arts Tricking

    2533 S Main St, Santa Ana

    • Practice a combination of modern martial art, gymnastics, breakdancing, and cheer
    • Execute maneuvers from kicks and twists to somersaults and flips
    • Increase your overall physical strength, agility, flexibility, and body control
    • Focus on finding your own tricking style through innovation and self-expression
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