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— Archery & Shooting
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    Would you like to entertain your party guests with the William Tell game? You should probably get some professional instruction before you debut that one. Under the tutelage of an expert teacher, you'll learn the basics of archery, including how to handle the equipment, safety precautions, and how to hit that darn bulls-eye. You'll learn discipline as you focus on the individual moment that you're in -- your stress and cares and problems all seem to fade away when you're zoning in on the target! Just be careful with that William Tell game at the party -- on second thought, maybe you should just stick with pin the tail on the donkey.

    1912 W Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton

    • Learn the fundamentals of archery from a trained instructor
    • Practice in a safe environment, with an emphasis on etiquette and proper handling of equipment
    • Get a surprisingly intense upper-body workout by manipulating the bow
    • Develop focus, strength, and agility while learning a new skill!
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    Basic Handgun

    The decision to handle and own a gun is a serious one. That's why you should learn the ropes from professionals. This course at AllSafe Defense Systems is designed for absolute beginners but due to the challenging nature of firing a gun, it should appeal to all levels of shooters. Even if you already own a handgun, this is your chance to understand how to use a weapon responsibly in a defensive situation. You'll learn basic handgun marksmanship and focus on self-defense as you practice basic shooting skills while under stress. There will be an emphasis on combining accuracy with speed during your practical shooting lesson. This course also covers the important legal issues concerning lawful use of lethal force After this course, you'll be confident in your ability to evaluate a dangerous situation and respond appropriately.
    Basic Handgun

    1026 N Tustin St, Orange

    • Learn how to handle yourself in a defensive situation
    • Practice basic shooting skills while under stress
    • Improve your marksmanship
    • Cover the legal issues and responsibility concerning the use of a firearm
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