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— Archery & Shooting
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    Firearms Safety

    Do you have an insatiable urge to feel the grip of cold steel in your hand as you discharge rounds after round into your target? Easy tiger. Let's learn how to turn the safety off first. This firearms safety course will give you a free introductory look into the world of firearms, tackling some of the points of safely handling a loaded weapon. You'll be learning under the guidance of certified professionals to build the confidence and knowledge you need to handle a gun without doing unintended harm. If you're new to gun handling, this is a course you'll not want to miss, and a great first step towards deciding whether or not gun training is something you'd like to pursue full time.
    Firearms Safety

    1 Park St, Broomfield

    • Enjoy an introductory gun handling course taught by certified instructors
    • Build the poise and awareness you'll need to know to safely handle a firearm
    • Learn to treat a weapon with the respect it deserves
    • Take the first steps towards becoming a professional yourself
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    Concealed Handgun Basics

    Successful completion of this 5 hour course will qualify you to apply for a Colorado Concealed Carry Permit. It starts with the basics: handgun safety, ammunition, how to purchase a handgun, and how handguns work. Then you'll move to hands-on gun handling skills with state-of-the-art SIRT laser sighted pistols, semi-automatics and revolvers. Next, you'll head to the firing range for an hour of instruction and put your live fire skills to the test under the tutelage of of one of Straightforward Shooting's NRA certified pistol instructors. Finally, you'll review Colorado's Concealed Handgun law and leave the Course knowing where you can legally carry and under what circumstances you may use deadly force to defend yourself. Head home ready to apply for your permit and also with a copy of The Straightforward Shooting Guide to the Colorado Concealed Handgun as a valuable reference!
    Concealed Handgun Basics

    20 S Potomac St, Aurora

    • Learn handgun safety, handgun handling skills and more
    • Get the qualification necessary to apply for a Colorado Concealed Carry Permit
    • Range time and light refreshments provided
    • Receive a complimentary book: The Straightforward Shooting Guide to the Colorado Concealed Handgun
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    Archery Class

    There's no question about it -- this class is a total bullseye! In an absolute-beginners-welcome setting, you'll learn all about the basics of archery with the constant help of a trained professional. From start to finish, you'll be getting hands-on experience and diving right into the world of this exciting sport on a well-equipped shooting range. And no need to worry that your bows and arrows may go awry -- safety will be the number-one priority of your teacher. You and everyone else on the range will be completely protected as you learn and practice the same style of shooting used by the US Olympic team. So, there will be no risk of taking an arrow to the knee. You'll just have fun and hopefully find your new favorite hobby! If you want extra practice, the range is open 10am-10pm everyday!
    Archery Class

    7180 W 117th Ave, Broomfield

    • Discover the exciting sport of archery in a beginners-welcome, professionally-led class
    • Enjoy hands-on learning at a well-equipped range as you follow the instructions and shoot under the supervision of a trained professional
    • Learn the same style of archery shooting that the US Olympic team uses
    • Find a new hobby that could potentially develop into a lifelong passion
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