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— Archery & Shooting
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    Concealed Weapons

    Learning about firearm concealment and management is crucial if you decide to keep one as a precaution. If you are thinking about purchasing a firearm to keep your family safe, you would benefit from Direct Hit Firearms Training's Concealed Weapons Class. In this class, you will be introduced to Florida Statutes 790 and 776, which regard how to conceal your weapon and when to use it. You'll also be introduced to basic skills that will allow you to safely handle a weapon such as trigger control and sight alignment. A professional instructor will walk you through how to shoot within a 9 inch circle at a distance of 15 feet. At the end of the lesson, you'll complete a live-fire exercise and will receive a course certificate if you make a minimum of 5 out of 10 rounds. Firearm safety is no joke. It's up to you to be responsible!
    Concealed Weapons

    501 S Flagler Ave, Pompano Beach

    • Learn the rules of weapon concealment and when it's appropriate to use deadly force
    • Master grip, stance, trigger control, and sight alignment
    • Receive feedback on the live-fire exercise and a course certificate upon successful completion
    • Walk away with the satisfaction of knowing how to handle a firearm and keep your family safe
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    Florida Concealed Weapons Permit

    Looking for a gun owner's class that offers a little more bang for your buck? This concealed weapons class hits all the right bullet points! Designed for those looking to learn more about what it takes to carry a handgun on their person in public, you'll enjoy two hours of expert instruction covering firearm safety and various legal points that you'll need to know. This NRA course is mandated for those looking to acquire their Florida state concealed weapons permit. Being permitted to carry a concealed weapon means you'll have the means to defend yourself should you ever become the target of a violent crime in public. For those looking for peace of mind, this class is one you'll want to pull the trigger on!
    Florida Concealed Weapons Permit

    6798 Stirling Rd, Hollywood

    • Participate in a 2-hour NRA handgun class taught by an experienced instructor
    • Learn the essentials you need to know to legally carry a concealed weapon in Florida
    • Enjoy the confidence of knowing how to use a gun safely and responsibly
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