What to expect
  • Join a community of mindfulness practitioners for a session of guided meditation
  • Learn and practice meditation techniques geared towards novices
  • Enjoy a practice that is proven to have numerous physical and emotional health benefits
  • Set your intent for outside of the class with peaceful reflection and the storing of positive energy
Don't just do something, sit there!

If you've always wanted to get into meditation, but have no idea where to start, this introductory offering is your chance to see what it's all about. With Kashi Atlanta, you'll learn traditional meditation and breathing skills that you can incorporate into home practice, or use as a stepping stone to more advanced study.

Practitioners of meditation often find themselves imbued with more energy, decreased stress levels, and improved focus, even after just one sitting!

Who'd have known you could get so much out of not thinking?

Note: Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of class and wear comfortable exercise clothing. It is recommended that you bring a bottle of water and a yoga mat.

Key Highlights
Price $14.00 per guest
Duration / Session 75 min
# Sessions 1
Classes can be refunded if cancellation notice is given.

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