Pole and Bootay

What to expect
  • Improve your skills on the pole and master the art of The Twerk
  • Target your booty and loosen up your gluteal movements
  • Drop that stance and get ready to gyrate and shake
  • Give Miley a run for her money
What's a pirate's favorite movie? Booty and the Beast! Don't hold that joke against us -- we promise you'll like this workout more!

This class at Pole Waxers University is packed full of energy and mixes booty work and pole work together for one hour full of calorie burning fun.

Doesn't matter if you can twerk it or not... you will be catching on quick! Prepare to practice dance routines that will be making you shake your moneymaker while incorporating pole moves.

Only lady pirates may attend.

Note: This is for women only.
Key Highlights
Price $15.00 per guest
Duration / Session 1 hour
# Sessions 1
There are no refunds; all sales are final.

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