Martial Arts

What to expect
  • Develop your self-defense skills and improve your fitness with lessons from a professional martial arts master
  • Choose a program from a variety of classes to supplement your training, including Taekwondo and interval training
  • Tone your body while building strength and stamina during intensive training
  • Build confidence and learn skills to defend yourself in real-life violent encounters
Decisions, decisions. When it comes to martial arts classes, there are a lot of directions you can go in. Hard-hitting and extreme, fluid and focused, or fitness-oriented are just a few.

With Journey Martial Arts, you're free to elect from a number of different classes designed to supplement your training program, including both self-defense and fitness training offerings. The program operates under the philosophy that martial arts should be varied in accordance with the student, as differences in muscular, joint, and bone structure make a big difference in training. As such, Journey Martial Arts will give you a tailored, powerful training approach based on your own needs.

While there are many classes to elect from, you'll learn a style based primarily around Taekwondo, a well respected Korean martial art. In the process, you'll develop core strength, stamina, flexibility,and motor coordination.

Some decisions are easier than others. Taking classes here is one of the easy ones.
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Duration / Session 1 hour
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