Bee Hive Tour

What to expect
  • Explore an active beehive first-hand, with guidance from a professional beekeeper
  • Suit up in protective gear, light a bee smoker, and get up close with more than 100,000 bees
  • Taste of honey, fresh from the hive and grab some honeycomb to chew
  • Overcome your fear of bees and learn what makes their survival so important
Looking for something sweet to do this weekend? You'll bee glad to know we've got you covered.

As it turns out, bees aren't as scary as they seem. At worst, all they can do is sting a little. It's not like they can break into your house, seduce your boyfriend, murder your cat and steal your DVDs. Turn your attention to humans if you're worried about that stuff.

On the Two Hives Honey Hive Tour, you'll have no cause for concern on any of these counts, least of all being stung. You'll be suited up in protective gear as you interact with over 100,000 bees. You'll learn about what makes these fascinating creatures so unique and valuable. You'll even get a taste of honey, fresh from the hive.

Don't bee afraid. This is one sticky situation you won't want to get out of.
Key Highlights
Price $35.00 per guest
Duration / Session 90 min
# Sessions 1
All sales are final; there is no refunds. Rescheduling notice must be provided at least 48 hours prior to the start of activity.

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