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    Intro to Ballet

    As the foundation of many dance styles, Ballet is essential for learning proper technique and form. In this class you will learn about the history of ballet, basic vocabulary and technique, proper alignment, relevant stretches and conditioning, simple choreography, and spatial awareness. This codified style of dance embodies light, airy movements and upright, lengthened limbs and torso. You will practice various barre and floor exercises to improve your strength, flexibility, grace, coordination, musicality, and discipline. Leave feeling refined and ready to tackle any other dance style that comes your way.
    Intro to Ballet

    4300 Clarcona Ocoee Rd, Orlando

    • Learn the fundamentals of Ballet from a trained instructor
    • Practice proper form and placement from your top of your head to tips of your toes
    • Execute various barre and floor exercises to build strength, flexibility, and stamina
    • Improve self discipline, coordination, and grace
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— Ballet
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    Ballet - Beginner Stretch

    There's no tip-toeing around it, this ballet class will get you in amazing shape. It incorporates pilates-based exercises, multi-planar full-body exercises, and isolated stretches to awaken your body's full dancing potential. You'll get a great stretching workout that will have your body feeling rejuvenated, your mind focused, and your self-image at an all time high. The techniques in this class will help you develop more balance, flexibility, and stamina to build a body that can plie, saute, leap, and pirouette like a pro. You get the pointe.
    Ballet - Beginner Stretch

    618 N Mills Ave, Orlando

    • Learn the fundamentals of ballet movement to improve your overall fitness level
    • Elongate your body with a diverse stretching routine let by a skilled instructor
    • Improve your dancing skills with better balance and body control
    • Enjoy a workout that will leave you feeling graceful and powerful at the same time
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    Beginner Ballet

    Ever feel like you missed out on your calling as dancer? This introductory class will make fixing that a brisé! Designed to help beginners build a solid foundation, you'll learn the essentials arm and leg positions, basic steps, and simple combinations in an energetic and supportive studio environment. In addition to learning how to express yourself artistically, ballet is an excellent way to take your fitness level in new directions (up, down, and around and around). Did this piqué you interest? Then its time to plié!
    Beginner Ballet

    7751 Kingspointe Pkwy, Orlando

    • Familiarize yourself with the basic techniques of the timeless dance art of ballet
    • Learn to express yourself through skilled footwork and body articulation
    • Develop your coordination while dancing your way to a more toned and flexible body
    • Build your confidence in a fun, supportive studio perfect for novice dancers
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