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    Dance Techniques: Spins & Turns

    Trouble with the turns? Get your circles straight during this all-levels spinning-techniques class! Turns and spins are essential elements to a variety of solo and partner dance styles, and during this fundamentals class you'll explore the postures, balance techniques, and power principles involved. You'll begin with warm-up exercises designed to help you find your center and learn to use your body to create momentum and torque. You'll also learn proper spotting, and the ability to maintain your posture throughout. Afterwards, your instructor will break down the basic elements of turns and spins for you, helping you to apply the techniques you drilled in warmup to create smooth executions combining multiple spins and turns both solo and with a partner. If you’re serious about dance, circle this one on your calendar!
    Dance Techniques: Spins & Turns

    412 8th Ave, New York

    • Develop your spinning and turning skills during an all-levels dance class
    • Learn how to manage your center of balance and posture while building momentum
    • Master both solo spins and turns, and those executed with a partner
    • Enjoy dancing in a supportive and social studio environment
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