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    Beginners Belly Dancing

    Looking to shake things up in your life? Try belly dance! This instructional class offers an outstanding social atmosphere in which to explore this alluring and timeless style. You'll get professional instruction from an engaged, supportive teacher as you learn the fundamental steps and accompany flourishes that make Belly Dance so captivating to behold. It's also a fun way to stay fit and tone your body! It offers motions and activity that will increase your flexibility and motor coordination in conjunction with developing your rhythm and musicality. Can you stomach it?
    Beginners Belly Dancing

    9803 Stella Link, Houston

    • Discover some of the world's most alluring styles of dance in a heart-thumping studio environment
    • Master the basics of Belly Dance dance while working out with energetic instructors and peers
    • Get a great workout that will strengthen and tone your body, while developing your motor
    • Learn an exciting traditional style that will allow you to express yourself with exotic flourish
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    Indian Classical Dance (The Arts Center)

    There is more to Indian danc than just Bollywood. Come learn Indian classical dance, an art that combines dancing with storytelling. You'll learn to bring stories to life with your hands, your feet, and facial expressions. Classical dance performances usually feature the opposing powers of good and evil, narrated through hand gestures and controlled facial expressions. Never had prior dance experience? No worries! The classes are casual, focusing on teaching you the basics to prepare you for more complicated moves. You'll start off with a warm-up before launching into the choreography. By the end of the session, you'll have a greater understanding of Indian classical dance -- not to mention a good full body workout!
    Indian Classical Dance (The Arts Center)

    3410 - A Highway 6 Blvd, Sugar Land

    • Learn the basics of Indian classical dance, an art form that combines dance with storytelling
    • Start off with a warm-up to get your body prepared for choreography
    • Improve your flexibility as you learn to use your body as a vehicle for story narration
    • Leave with a greater understanding of and appreciation for Indian classical dance
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