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    Beautiful Belly Dancing

    Time to shake things up? This class will get your body shaking and shimmying as you master the fundamentals of belly dance. Belly dance is one of world's most articulate styles of dance, having captured the minds and imaginations of onlookers for hundreds of years. You'll learn all the shimmies, body rolls, and vibrations that make this dance so enthralling, as well as master the fluidity and percussive movements that give it its sense of expression. It's also a great aerobic workout, and will strengthen and tone your entire body. You'll love mastering new moves in this fun, supportive environment. You may just shimmy right out of class.
    Beautiful Belly Dancing

    13321 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks

    • Learn the basics of belly dancing in a fun, supportive environment
    • Stretch and tone your body as you dance your way to fitness
    • Practice incorporating shakes, shimmies, and spins into sensual routines
    • Feel sexier, more confident, and have fun getting in better shape
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