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    Belly Dancing Open Level

    Captivating the audience with their delicate, sexy movements, belly dancers entice, allure, and titillate every audience member. Why aren’t you next? With BambooMoves, you'll embark on a sensual journey to rediscovering a bit of your sexuality, while toning your body. You'll shimmy, undulate, shake, and use snake arms to mesmerize with your graceful dance moves that works your core muscles in so many ways. As your hips gyrate across the dance floor, you'll find that fire of femininity that’s been missing in your diet.
    Belly Dancing Open Level

    107-40 Queens Blvd, Forest Hills

    • Learn basic shimmies, undulations, and snake arms used in belly dance
    • Discover the history and culture behind belly dance
    • Tone your arms, legs, back, and core through easy-to-follow dance steps
    • No experience necessary
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