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— Belly Dance
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    Belly Dance

    Messy hair, baggy clothes, sweaty face... not the most attractive look. But hey, nobody looks good when they exercise, right? Wrong! During this class, you'll learn some seductive new moves that won't just entice your audience, but also get you in great shape. You will practice arm, leg, and hip movements as you show off your newly toned belly. So, toss the dirty gym duds, and change into something a little hotter, because belly dancing is the sexy new way to get fit!
    Belly Dance

    72nd Ave, 3rd Floor, Forest Hills

    • Learn sexy bellydancing moves that use the arms, legs, and hips
    • Combine a dance lesson with a fun workout that will get your belly into shape
    • Increase your energy levels, confidence, and flexibility
    • No experience necessary
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    Belly Dance

    You've got the belly growl down. Now how about something a little more advanced? This high energy class brings a contemporary edge to an ancient Middle Eastern art: belly dance! You'll be learning all of the visually intoxicating moves that have kept this style popular for centuries, including hip articulations, shimmies, and shakes, while dancing to exotic world beats. While learning in an uplifting studio environment, you'll not only be picking up a new hobby and having fun, but getting into great shape as well. Belling dance strengthens the shoulders, arms, and back, and of course leads to some seriously toned abs. Bet you're just quivering with excitement!
    Belly Dance

    2415 Williamsbridge Rd, New York

    • Learn the basics of belly dancing from a trained instructor in a welcoming environment
    • Practice various shimmys, shakes, vibrations, and body rolls to exotic music
    • Stretch and tone your body as you dance your way to better fitness
    • Gain confidence as you begin achieving greater body control and coordination
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