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— Belly Dance
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    American Tribal Style Belly Dance

    Looking to "shake up" your day-to-day routine? Then "shimmy" on over to to this fun and friendly dance studio to check out this belly dance class! This fun, social class will instruct you in the basics of an unique, modern form of belly dance called American Tribal, which is most known for its focus on group dancing. Over the course of this class, you'll learn standard belly dance postures, build body awareness, master slow and fast movements, and learn to dance as a part of a group in formations such as circles. As an added bonus, you'll enjoy getting a full-body workout that will help you build strength, muscle tone, and coordination in an exciting way! Whether you're just looking to have fun, or have performance aspirations, this is one class you ought to "circle" on your calendar! Note: These classes are offered in two six-week cycles, however you are welcome to drop in for one class at any point in the cycle without having to worry about being behind.
    American Tribal Style Belly Dance

    2513 Blanding Ave, Alameda

    • Master the mesmerizing art of American Tribal Style belly dance in a high-energy, supportive studio
    • Develop body control and balance as you learn to express yourself rhythmically in a unique style
    • Strengthen and tone your body as you get fit while dancing
    • Build confidence as you learn to express yourself through movement and music
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    Introduction to Belly Dance

    Discover the cultural context for the alluring art of belly dancing. Under the guidance of your expert instructor, you will practice fundamental shimmies, shakes, and isolations to the sound of traditional and popular Egyptian music, like Shaabi and Mahraganat. Burn calories, build incredible core strength and stamina, and find new confidence in your body and sex appeal. Before you know it, not only will you be a hypnotic dancer, but you'll also have insight into Egyptian music, lyrics, and culture!
    Introduction to Belly Dance

    829 Elizabeth St, San Francisco

    • Experience the alluring, hypnotic art of belly dancing
    • Practice mesmerizing isolations and shimmies to Egyptian music
    • Discover popular and traditional Egyptian culture
    • Gain incredible core strength, coordination, and confidence in your sex appeal
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