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    Hammock Silks Stretch

    Looking to take your yoga practice to new heights? Raise the bar with this aerial silks workout class! You'll use a suspended hammock apparatus to get off the ground, where you'll partake in a succession of inversions and yoga-inspired moves designed to naturally elongate the body. These exercises offer both an invigorating stretch and a peaceful mental respite from the day's stresses. Thanks to supportive and knowledgeable instructors that put safety first, you'll find a learning environment accommodating to both experienced students and novices alike. Additionally, this class offers a great introduction to aerial silks sports without taking you too far off the ground. Still, it should be pretty uplifting!
    Hammock Silks Stretch

    74-5583 Luhia St., Kailua-Kona

    • Get in the air with an aerial silks class designed to stretch and relax the body
    • Master yoga-inspired moves in a supportive learning environment
    • Develop your flexibility, core strength, and confidence
    • Discover an exciting new way to workout that will reinvigorate your gym routine
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