Maunakea Summit & Stars

Hawaii Forest & Trail Kona Headquarters
What to expect
  • Embark on a journey up Mauna Kea, the highest peak in Hawaii
  • Learn about the historic accounts of early travelers
  • Enjoy a private picnic dinner at Historic Humuula Sheep Station
  • View the awe-inspiring sunset from the highest point in the Pacific
Hitch your wagon to a star and sign up for the voyage of a lifetime!

On this incredible tour with Hawaii Forest & Trail, you'll journey from sea level to the nearly 14,000 foot summit of Mauna Kea to enjoy the world-class clarity of the Hawaiian night sky.

You'll see an unforgettable sunset from the peak, and sip hot chocolate during your private starshow at 9,000 feet elevation using a Celestron telescope.

And don't worry about food -- you're going to enjoy a private dinner at Historic Humuula Sheep Station to keep you fueled and satisfied.

By all accounts, this adventure is going to be stellar!

Note: Dinner, beverages, and warm wear are provided.
Key Highlights
Price $275.00 per guest
Duration / Session 8 hours
# Sessions 1
Groups of 5 or less require 48 hours notice. With less than the minimum notice, guests are charged the full price of the tour.

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