There are lots of ways to understand Vimbly.  You could try it.  You could ask a friend about it.  Or you can ask three questions:

  1. What is Vimbly?
  2. Why is the current solution insufficient?
  3. How can I use Vimbly to actually help me?

Well well!  We’re glad you asked!

What is Vimbly?

Vimbly lets users discover and book recreational activities.  It eliminates hours worth of tedious research people have unhappily accepted when booking activities like photography classes, tango lessons, or Italian cooking sessions.  All the info is in one place instead of the usual process of Googling, picking nearby locations, checking prices, manually comparing schedules (which are each presented differently), and then exchanging emails to lock it down.  Whether you want food adventure from gelato making, craftiness from glass blowing, or adrenaline from stick shift driving, Vimbly has it.

Why is the current solution insufficient?

Try finding an intro photography class…

This applies to anything that requires a booking and isn’t an event one could just show up to (e.g., sculpting, luxury chocolate tour, wine & cheese tasting, etc.).  Previously booking such an event required extensive research and potential email exchanges.  Now the user can see and do it all in one place.

FACT: 71% of people have decided against signing up for an activity they wanted due to the hassle of booking.

How can I use Vimbly to actually help me?

Discovery applies to Jack scrambling to answer “what can I book for my date tomorrow?”  Jack can browse ideas, see the availability of multiple vendors simultaneously, choose a pizza-making class, and book it instantly.

Bookability applies to Sarah, who knows what she wants – a Tango class – but wants to pick one hassle-free.  She can immediately see the classes near her apartment, when they start, and how much they cost.  Sarah can then book what is best for her schedule.

Vimbly provides the simplest solution by organizing the disaggregated availability of local businesses.