If you wanted to understand Vimbly in five words, they would be: “The OpenTable for recreational activities.”

(And that could be four words if we really wanted…)

Ten years ago… people booked airfare and hotels by phone through calling travel agencies.  Today, that’s a ridiculous waste of time since it’s so much easier to have the information in front of you on Kayak, especially when you’re still figuring out what option works best (“discovery mode”).  But even if you know exactly what flight you want (“bookability mode”), would you rather pick up the phone and deal with calling an airline, or just breeze through it by booking online?  Most people choose the latter since it’s just so much easier.  Looking back, we think “Wait a minute… you really used to book airfare manually?  That sucks.  What a waste of time.”

Ten years from now… people are going to say “Wait a minute… you used to spend three hours just to book an intro photography class?  That sucks.  What a waste of time.”  Because when you want to book a nearby activity, you won’t be spending time Googling, comparing schedules, and exchanging emails/phone calls.  Instead, you’ll have Vimbly.  Vimbly eliminates the tedious research you have unhappily accepted when booking activities like a tango lesson or firearm shooting class.

Fortunately, you don’t need to wait ten years to try it.