So you think men can’t dance? You may be right. In our survey of men and women between the ages of 18-44, participants were asked to rate their personal dancing ability and that of the opposite sex. We learned that women are nearly three times more likely to judge men to be bad dancers than the reverse.

Harsh? Well, maybe not. Our research indicates that two thirds of men also consider themselves bad dancers, rating themselves a “5 or below” on our 10-point dancing scale. So even men think men can’t dance.

So what? Well, apparently ladies care about dance skills, as 74% of women prefer their partner know how to bust a move.  The good news? It doesn’t take much for a man to distinguish himself from the left-footed pack.  

Women aren’t off the hook either, though. They are twice as likely to think of themselves as bad dancers than men perceive them to be. So ladies are equal opportunity criticizers (at least they’re fair!). While men might think highly of the ladies’ moves, women’s confidence isn’t there to match. And it’s confidence that makes even “the sprinkler” look good. Yes, we’re serious. See above. 

The conclusion: both men and women can benefit from the skills and confidence gained from a dance class. Or two. Lucky for you, you can browse a variety of classes and book a time that is convenient for you on Vimbly