“ISO sick of this! Make it f-stop!” – You (when your photos turn out blurry).

If you didn’t understand the pun, maybe your sense of humor (and your photo skills) are underdeveloped. Surprisingly, good quality images have less to do with the type of camera you use than you might think. Knowing how to use the camera and the environment around you is most important.

We loved this photography infographic, and we hope it will be useful to you, too! It’s a great way to go from noob to sharpshooter in a flash:

photography infographic vimbly

Still fell like you need an instructor? There are all kinds of classes to take. One of our favorite vendors is the Digital Photo Academy. The best photography classes out there are going to provide you with some great tips and tricks, while still allowing you to get your hands dirty.

Visit our site to do a search and you’re bound to find several classes in every city, ranging from group walking photo tours to steamboat photo tours, there is plenty of help out there!