Team Vimbly bonded over a Thursday night fencing lesson at the Sheridan Fencing Academy. I could go on and on about what a great “team building” activity it was, blah, blah, blah–or you can hear it straight from the horse’s mouth:

Simon: “Since Danielle decided she was too cool to fence, I was bouting against a girl with seemingly two left feet. It was pretty easy to lunge and hit her, so I let her get me a few times to make it fair. If she tells you any different, she’s a liar. Congrats to Evan though. I think he finally found something he’s good at… at the expense of Chris of course.”

Sasha: “My bouting partner was the big guy, Sam. How’d it go? Intern, shmintern– I showed him who’s boss! He made moves, but I made better ones! When he lunged, I dodged! When I lunged, he was struck! Ha, ha!”

Evan: “I should have been a fencer. My disproportionately long arms finally came in use; my lunges were d-e-a-d-l-y. Chris was my partner, but he couldn’t stand a chance. Beat him every time. Someone proposed a Vimbly Battle Royale, but I shut that one down pretty quick. Yep, should’ve been a fencer.”

Chris: “Not fair — I was pitted against someone double my size! Fine, so Evan beat me fair and square, but not without taking a few in the face before I was up. Should’ve bouted with Simon instead.

Danielle: “I wanted to go, but I couldn’t make it. I’m kind of glad though, they all sound a little crazy. Plus, I can’t rock a fencing jacket like Sasha can.”

Zack: “I hadn’t been hired yet, but I think I’m gonna go with Danielle on this one.”

Sam: “Great team experience (I just wanted to whack people with a metal rod). Inspiring (we emulate Game of Thrones in the office with the computer names and this took it one step further). Tiring (just kidding, I’ll go all day). Humbling (Sasha got some hits in, but I was practicing keeping my eyes closed, or something… she won maybe 10% of the rounds… this isn’t getting published, right?)”