Vim-bl-eer  /Vimblˈi(ə)r/
Noun :

  1. A Vimbly employee who participates in any activity on or relating to mountains
  2. A member of Team Vimbly who rock climbs

Origin : A derivative of the English word “mountaineer,” vimbleer was first used in Brooklyn, New York, c. 2012.

Example Use :

“Did you see that troop of vimbleers by the water fountain?”
“That vimbleer took quite the fall.”
“Look at that little vimbleer go, he’s scrambling right up that rock wall!”

Team Vimbly recently hit the rock walls of Brooklyn Boulders, a rock climbing gym down in Gowanus. To say it was fun would be a vast understatement– the gym was alive with activity and buzzing with people, a real Brooklyn gem!

After checking in, one of their cool employees gave us a quick rundown of the place, and away we went! First we conquered the auto belay walls, three tall courses with automated rope systems. Afterwards, the group began to dissipate as everyone found a new favorite activity: some tried bouldering (a type of climbing that doesn’t require a harness), some practiced their hand at tight-rope walking on the slackline, and some practiced flips on monkey rings.

By the end of the night, we regrouped and formed a small community with some other newbies by the slackline. We exchanged stories of failure and triumph, stretching our aching fingers and arms. Despite our sore limbs, everyone had a great time- just further confirmation that fun, new activities always bring people together, and experiences are greater than material possessions.