There’s more to Eataly, the Italian super-duper market we all have come to know and love, than just its showcase of fantastic food. Here are some things you didn’t know about eataly

  1. In October of 2010, there was a nomination for the deletion of Eataly’s Wikipedia page. Citing Wikipedia’s General Notability Guideline, the argument was “no more indication of Notability beyond it opening a month ago,” referring to the NYC location. The nomination was withdrawn two days later, probably because the nay-sayer visited the wonderland of food and agreed that it is at least somewhat notable.

  1. It’s the size of 3.7 Olympic sized swimming pools. The building was originally The International Toy Center (93,000 square feet), but after the Malkin Family sold it, the building was divided into large chunks and rented out to different tenants, one of which being Eataly (43,000 square feet).
  1. Eataly is the only place around town with a resident Vegetable Butcher. Alicia Walter, the Vegetable Butcher of Eataly, will wash, clean and chop your veggies before you buy them. The best part? She does it all for free!
  1. There are nearly 100 different kinds of olive oils. Well, that’s all we have to say about that.
  1. Eataly offers classes!* Last but certainly not least, in April Eataly launched La Scuola di Eataly (The School of Eataly). Covering everything from sauces to desserts, these Italian cooking classes are bound to give your taste buds a pleasantly wild ride!

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