We know that with all the classes on Vimbly, it can be hard to choose. We also know that you probably have a good idea where you’d fit in at Hogwarts. (If you’re not sure, check out this comprehensive Sorting Hat Personality Test from Personality Lab). To help you narrow things down here on Vimbly, we present a list of personalized class recommendations, based on your official house assignment.

Gryffindor: You are undoubtedly courageous, some might even say a little rash. Since you’re sure to find yourself in battle sooner or later, why not hone your skills with a combat class? Much as you love to dive right into a challenge, some practice may be wise. We’ll have you battling dark wizards in no time.

Hufflepuff: You are a compassionate soul, always willing to lend a hand to those in need. And what’s the best way to help a friend who’s down in the dumps? Why dessert, of course! Sign up for a cooking class and learn to whip up delicious cupcakes, fondue, or macaroons. Who could be depressed with a friend like you?

Ravenclaw: You are a lifelong learner, and have undoubtedly cultivated exquisite taste. You’ll be right at home in one of the many wine tasting classes that Vimbly offers. You’ll exercise your palate, taste some excellent vintages, maybe strike up a chat about the allegorical implications of political folly in the muggle world.

Slytherin: As long as the Imperius Curse remains forbidden (blasted Ministry!), you’ll have to find alternative means to make others do your bidding. Check out a class from LifeLabs, where you can learn about the art of persuasion, or gain some insight on the truth behind expressions and body language. Just promise us you won’t use your new skills for too much evil, ok?