There’s something about the languid haze of a cigar that films oh-so-well. From silly to seductive to maniacal, here’s a few of our favorite smoky screen shots:


1) Groucho Marx as Groucho Marx in… any Marx Brothers Movie

From his Monkey Business vaudeville antics to his 11 year run as a game show host on “You Bet Your Life,” the cigar was as much a part of Mr. Marx’s act as his signature walk. He is famously reported to have responded to a wife gushing over her husband by declaring, “I love my cigar, too, but I take it out of my mouth once in a while.” Curiously, Marx denied the cheeky exchange ever took place.


2) Sterling Haydon as General Jack Ripper in Dr. Strangelove (1964)

This cigar seems only to accentuate the glaring insanity of trigger-happy General Ripper. As he is illuminated by a hazy, acrid glow, he theorizes that his “loss of essence” in the bedroom is a product of Communist fluoridation. Never has impotence been so decidedly dangerous.


3) Clint Eastwood as The Man with No Name in the Dollars Trilogy (1964-1966)

While Eastwood himself was non-smoker,  he reportedly picked up the harshest cigars he could find to put him in an edgy mood for the film. He would then cut them into a size small enough to fit in his pocket, creating the movie’s iconic style.



4) Al Pacino as Tony Montana in Scarface (1983)

Tony Montana may just be the ultimate gangster. And what criminal element is complete without a stogie and a fine glass of port (as Mr. Montana preferred)? Well, maybe many are fully functional without those items, but damn, this just looks good. And decidedly dangerous.



5) Gene Hackman as Captain Frank Ramsay in Crimson Tide (1995)

“I don’t trust air I can’t see,” declares Captain Ramsay as he lights up his Montecristo No. 2 on a nuclear missile submarine. The potential fire hazard here is mildly distressing, but it’s probably the least of the crew’s concerns. Ramsay is on the verge of declaring his own nuclear war, after all.



6) Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum as Captain Steve Miller and David Levinson in Independence Day (1996)

What better way to celebrate a victory over alien invaders and total planetary destruction than with a tasty cigar? Better not get too comfortable though, because it ain’t over till the fat lady sings…


7) Jeffrey Dean Morgan as The Comedian in Watchmen (2008)

No doubt about it, there’s something a little sinister about Edward Blake’s token stogie. But look closely in the boardroom scene, and you’ll see Sally Jupiter (the original Silk Spectre) painted on his Zippo, lighting his fire in more ways than one.




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