Whether you’re a fan of newer films like The Princess and the Frog or you stick with your roots in The Lion King, there’s no denying that everyone loves a good Disney movie. In the case of this Vimbly intern, Disney helped to shape who I am and taught me about the little things in life, like overcoming adversity (and possibly overthrowing Scar) or how to not brush my hair (have you ever tried a fork? Ouch) — and I’m sure some of you grew up with Disney too. So think hard, choose your favorite Disney movie, and take a look at what activity the characters might book if they were using Vimbly today.


So is Aladdin your movie of choice? With all of the adventures and running around both Aladdin and Jasmine do, we thought they might enjoy an athletics class to keep themselves fit and in shape. From stealing bread to trying to convince everyone you’re royalty, you have to make sure you stay sharp. They might also partake in a belly dancing class — Jasmine had to seduce Jafar somehow, right?




Maybe The Lion King is your favorite. If so, we highly suggest taking a card from Simba and Mufasa’s book and preparing yourself, just in case there’s a Scar-wildebeast stampede situation. Get serious in self-defense and try out one of our combat classes. You never know when those fencing skills will come in handy! We’d also suggest a survival class on which bugs and insects are the best to eat in a time of need but, needless to say, that class hasn’t been developed yet.



If The Little Mermaid is your pick, we’d probably suggest staying away from our sushi classes…but enjoy the fact that you have legs! Ariel gave up her voice for a pair of them. Take one of our dancing classes and celebrate. Try a hip hop class that gets your entire body moving or ballroom dancing to show off your fancy footwork while impressing everyone on the dance floor — at least if you’re trying to impress someone in the 1400’s.




If you love Mulan‘s I’ll Make a Man Out of You, then we’ve got the perfect classes for you. Take a look at some of our sword fighting classes and take your pick. Or, try out our archery lessons. You could even get really into it and take a martial arts class as well. No matter which you choose (or all three!) you’ll be prepared to go to war with the Huns. If anything, you might find your significant other among all the fighting and be the next Sheng-Mulan power couple.



Or maybe The Princess and the Frog really is your jam. We’ve got an awesome Southern brunch class that is sure to bring a little bit of your Southern side here to New York. Get a crash course in how to make crab cakes, classic shrimp and grits, French toast, and then some. What more could you ask for? Who knows, you might even look up how to make jambalaya as well! We’d love to act as taste testers so feel free to let us know.



Or if the super-popular Tangled is your movie of choice, check out all of our crafty classes. You can try painting, hand weaving, terrarium building, and so much more. Rapunzel spent years in a tower by herself — she had to find ways to keep busy and entertain! There are so many options available, you don’t have to worry about being bored again.




Take your pick, try an activity, and remember that in all Disney movies, the main characters always take a chance and find a way to push their limits!