You can tell a lot about a person based on their favorite movies. You can discern someone’s personality type, general character traits, dating habits, and so on. So when it comes to recreational activities, we know that some personalities are drawn to certain kinds of classes. And we’re here to help — with a list of activity recommendations based on your favorite films:

THE BOURNE SERIES. Who doesn’t like the Bourne movies, right? If this series of spy films fits your fancy, try your hand in the art of espionage. Take a look at real spy gadgets and navigate through an actual laser field! Remember to take a photo of yourself sliding through the maze. If you’re feeling daring, try out this scene from Ocean’s Twelve (though if you want to go that far, check out a class or two in Capoeira. Otherwise, good luck).

CHINESE CONNECTION. This Bruce Lee movie might not be his most famous (asking around, everyone seems to be familiar with Enter the Dragon) but it’s definitely a respected favorite among martial arts film aficionados. For this, we suggest trying an actual martial arts class. What better way to appreciate the form and discipline of your favorite martial artist than to learn how it’s really done? We can’t promise that you’ll come out with Bruce Lee’s abs after one class (try taking as many as you can — remember, Lee had incredible discipline!), but we can promise it’ll be a blast.

ANCHORMAN. 60% of the time it works…every time. So maybe comedy is more your cup of tea. Nobody can deny the genius that is the entire cast of Anchorman. Some of the funniest lines in movie history are from this hilarious film: “I’m in a glass case of emotion!” Sign up for an improv class and channel your inner Will Ferrell. Learn how to think on your feet and be the funniest person in the office, or grab a friend and be the next Kristen Wiig-Maya Rudolph power improv duo.

DIRTY DANCING. This pick is every dancer’s go-to movie. Every top dance movies list puts Dirty Dancing at the top. Live out your own Baby-Johnny story with a dance class. Try out tango, indulge in salsa. Or if you’re into more updates versions like Step Up, try a little hip-hop. Though to be fair, nothing really compares to the magic that is Dirty Dancing.

RATATOUILLE. Despite being an animation film, this movie has become a favorite of food enthusiasts. Every foodie and chef dreams of going to Paris and becoming a famous restaurant chef or trying the delicacies of Parisian cuisine. And how else to get into the French let’s-make-food-and-be-charming mood than to actually cook? Try a cooking class and replicate the recipes at home (or make it an event with your significant other). It’ll make you appreciate your favorite food film even more!

SIDEWAYS. Without any further commentary, here are the wine activities Vimbly offers.

We hope this helped! If your favorite movie wasn’t included or you have other suggestions, leave a comment or tweet us @GoVimbly. If you send your movie pick, we’ll give you an activity idea!