Bring on the holidays and all of its joys: food, drinks, families, friends, more food, time off of work…did we mention food?

Okay, so maybe food isn’t as prevalent in your holiday celebrations as it is in ours (really though?) but it can’t be denied, everybody indulges a little bit around this time. Whether it’s an extra slice of pie after dinner or being on the perpetual ‘tomorrow’ diet, we all give in a bit.

But just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean you can’t work to stay in shape at the same time. And staying in shape doesn’t mean a boring, monotonous workout that you’re tired of by day two. It can be a way for you to meet new people, bond with those you already know, and learn a new skill!

If you want to meet someone new…

The holiday season brings out the want for a companion in all of us. Whether it’s because of the cold weather or because the holidays are all about spending time with one another, take this chance to meet someone new. Fly solo and break out of your shell with one of these dance classes. Don’t worry, you’ll pick up a dance partner in class. You can learn how to tango (and get very close with someone new) or the basics of hip hop (never fails to impress). Either way, work off a couple of those turkey pot pies you made after Thanksgiving and acquaint yourself with somebody new.

If you want to hang out with your family…

Exercising with the whole family can be a disaster – someone gets tired and frustrated, or sits on the sidelines. Get everyone involved in a martial arts class. Each of these classes is taught by an instructor that will encourage everyone to not only get moving but have a good time as well. So don’t worry that nobody in your family knows karate! Take this time to learn together and get in some family bonding. That’s what the holidays are about anyway, right?

If you want to bond with some friends…

What better way to work out than with some friends? Grab a few and check out one of our action classes – they’re great ways learn to do something new while still having the opportunity to interact and talk with your group. Maybe you all want to learn to boulder or relive your childhoods and learn how to do tricks on a trampoline. No matter what, you’ll have fun with your friends and get a butt-kicking workout at the same time.

While you can do any of these classes alone, try taking someone with you or take the opportunity to meet somebody new.

Happy holidays!