1) Know your opponents.

You’ve got to beat em at their own game. And how can you win the game if you don’t even know the game? And see, we just made you lose “The Game.” That’s some spy-style mental hijacking right there. Anyway, all spies study up, and if you can’t swing Spy Academy (a la Austin Powers),  check out this Espionage Exhibit to gain some knowledge.

2) Be a fine physical specimen.

Are you willing to bet an Israeli Special Forces Team could kick your butt? Well, you’d be right, because they know Krav Maga. Brush up on your skills and get in excellent physical shape by taking some Krav Maga classes, stat. While you’re at it, you might want to master a few other combat disciplines. You never know what your opponent might have up his or her sleeve (or shoe)… Now that we think of it, why isn’t there a class to teach you how to fight secret agents with hidden shoe-knives?

3) Drive a fancy car.

Ok, this one’s admittedly a big investment. At the very least, you should know HOW to drive a fancy car. Imagine making the big getaway, hopping in that Aston Martin DB5 that just happens to be lying around, and thinking, “Oops, I only drive automatic.” That’s just embarrassing. Take a stick shift driving lesson, bro.

4) Have a signature drink.

It might be a martini. It might be whiskey. Whatever it is, make it yours and make it strong.  Just don’t make it a Cosmo. Check out a fine scotch tasting or mixology class if you need some ideas.


Get these 4 things down, and just like that, you’ll be an International Man (or Woman) of Mystery. We totally guarantee it.