Coffee is a staple in every New Yorker’s morning routine, but most don’t venture from their ‘signature drink.’ Sure, a latte is safe, but there are so many other options available, especially when it comes to espresso. If you’re new to the world of espresso, however, the variety of different drinks that are available can be overwhelming: you can order a macchiato, a breve, or even a simple shot of espresso.  Which do you choose?

Well, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve discovered the perfect chart to help explain a variety of different espresso drinks. Presenting, the Espresso Field Guide!

So the next time you’re at a coffee shop, try something new and go for a flat white or a dry cappuccino. Your neighborhood barista will thank you for not having to make yet another caramel latte.

If you want to experiment on your own to see what ratios or drinks work for you, try out our espresso brewing class. You’ll learn even more about espressos and will have the chance to prepare your very own cup with help from a professional barista. Take those skills home with you and enjoy the perfect drink from the comfort of your own kitchen. What more could you ask for?