It’s often said that New York City pizza is the best in the world, but what makes it so darn special? NYC’s high-quality tap water is often touted as the secret ingredient (the same reason our bagels are so good!). As the theory goes, the high mineral content of NYC tap water creates for a more flavorful crust. However, some claim that this is nothing more than an urban legend.  Knowledge and recipes have had time to dissipate all over the world, and given today’s technology, there is really nothing that separates NYC pizza from all the rest.

At least, that seems to be what a recent experiment by the folks over at Serious Eats seems to suggest. Even during a blind tasting using all sorts of water with varying mineral concentrations, there was no significant change in enjoyment of the pizza made by Chef Mathieu Palombino of the much-loved pizza joint Motorino. Note the lack of correlation between Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in the water used and overall pizza quality:

Is NYC’s perceived superiority all in our heads then? Iron Chef Mario Batali begs to differ. “Water is huge,” he claims, and believes in it enough to create his own mineral-water composite based off chemical analysis of Italian water. Furthermore, another blind taste test conducted by the TV show Food Detectives placed NYC pizza thoroughly ahead of Chicago and LA pizza.

So what is the verdict? Quite plainly, there is no conclusive answer. We at Vimbly suggest you simply enjoy your favorite pizza and don’t worry too much about its scientific properties. But if this debate got you in the mood for a slice (like it did to us), a pizza tour is a great way to check out the best of the city. Or if you’re in a DIY mood, check out a pizza making class!