“Build a man a fire, and he’ll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he’ll be warm for the rest of his life.”

Look at how toasty he is!

We’ve always heard that laughter is the best medicine. While, generally, it may be difficult to laugh off a staph infection, laughter does have these wonderful effects.

1. Laughter reduces stress

Certain stress hormones are reduced during a hearty giggle fit: cortisone, dopamine, and adrenaline. Better yet: positive endorphins and neurotransmitters replace the negative Nancy hormones.

2. Laughter’s a great workout

One-hundred gut-wrenching guffaws equates to approximately ten minutes on the rowing machine. Now, imagine the workout a tickle fit provides. A six pack?

3. Laughter improves sleep quality

Sleeplessness often occurs from high levels of stress and anxiety. By increasing your daily intake of chuckles, you can expect to increase positive attitudes, which just so happens to increase sleep quality.

4. Laughter reduces depression

Similar to its effects on insomnia, laughter therapy replaces negativity with positivity, creating smiley, happier people.

5. Laughter gets the creative juices flowing

Studies have shown that humor emotionally distances you from a problem. How often do you “work on a problem for days” with no solution, but the moment you have a bit of fun, the solution arrives. Laughter holds this effect.

6. Laughter relieves pain

He’s having so much fun!

Think of laughter like a healthy morphine…or maybe not. Laughter distracts the mind from the emotional discomfort of, say, a paper cut.

7. Laughter improves learning and memory

Growing up, did you have a favorite teacher? Why were they your favorite? Was it their engaging style of teaching? Did they present the material in a unique, funny way that proved to be memorable. They probably did.

8. Laughter protects the heart

This is your heart on giggles

Laughing is like a gym membership for your heart. It increases blood flow, oxygenizes blood. This reduces the risk of heart attack, boosts your cardio vascular health (it’s like running but totally not), and reduces blood pressure. How come we haven’t developed laughing pills?

9. Laughter is a relationship saver


Socially speaking, laughter tends to bring people together. In regards to a relationship, female laughter is the sign of a healthy relationship. The more laughs from the woman, the happier the relationship. So, men, if you notice things turning sour, tell a few jokes.

10. Laughter stimulates

Men like women who laugh heartily in their presence, so much so that it increases their level of attraction. Also, let’s examine tickling for a second. Tickling’s inherently social, affectionate, and very exciting.

11. Laughter lightens the mood

Classic baby

Obvious point is obvious. When did a knock-knock joke induce anxiety?

12. Laughter invigorates the immune system

Laughter activates the bodily release of antihistamines, T-cells and natural antibodies. That means laughter helps fight infections and regulate your body’s health. How awesome is that? Take that flu! Time to watch Youtube fails.

13. Laughter brings people together

It’s a conversation engager. If you’re looking to improve your social life, introduce some wit. Laughter marks people as more friendly and playful, leading to more intimate relations. Also, do we ever forget the person who “told the funniest joke?”

14. Laughter renews energy

Relax and recharge. When you laugh, your body and mind relax. When your body and mind are relaxed, it’s like plugging in a few AA batteries and continuing on with the day.

15. Laughter is mind-altering

Not in the same way hypnosis or LSD are mind-altering, but laughter allows you to see multiple layers of meaning in thoughts and jokes, connecting set-up with punch line. The release is a hearty laugh.

16. Laughter is a muscle relaxant

No need to take unnatural relaxers, laughter provides muscles much needed relief. As your belly tights, the rest of your muscles relax. After your fit ends, those contracting stomach muscles repose.

17. Laughing is irresistibly contagious

When you hear someone laughing hysterically, it’s your body’s natural reaction to join in the process. It’s true, “laugh and the whole world laughs with you.”

18. Laughing is FUN

Oh yes, this is all Lego

C’mon. What’s more fun that laughing? Maybe Legos. Maybe.

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