New York has hundreds of great activities to choose from. There’s something for everyone, but sometimes it’s tough figuring out where to begin.

Let us help you make the choice with a short, fun personality test:

1. Of the following five movies, choose your favorite:

     a) Jumanji
     b) Casino Royale
     c) Moulin Rouge
     d) Superbad
     e) Big Fish

2. You will love the restaurant if:

     a) There’s a show too
     b) The waiter is polite and friendly
     c) You’re with your significant other
     d) The food comes quickly
     e) It’s on a rooftop

3. You like to read:

     a) Your twitter feed
     b) The New York Times
     c) Jane Austen
     d) Thrillist
     e) Everything—you’re a voracious reader

4. On the weekends, you like to:

     a) Bike around the City
     b) Visit the Met
     c) Shop
     d) Go bar-hopping with friends
     e) Explore Central Park

5. When you’re at a wedding, you:

     a) Dance the night away
     b) Have a lovely conversation with the groom’s mother
     c) Catch the bouquet
     d) Hit on the bride’s maids
     e) Float around and meet new people

6. People describe you as:

     a) Energetic and charismatic
     b) Calm, collected and classy
     c) Loving and passionate
     d) Awesome and cool
     e) Bright and curious

Mostly A’s: Flying Trapeze Class
You’re energetic and love a good thrill, so why not fly high with the best of ‘em? This trapeze class will  teach you all of the basics and open you up to a world full of adrenaline and fun!

Mostly B’s: Wine and Cheese 101
You’ll learn the ABCs of cheese and how to complement its flavor with the right wine. Taking class to the next level, hosting dinner parties will never be the same.

Mostly C’s: Argentine Tango
You love romance and romance loves passion, so try out tango! This Argentine dance is characterized by emotion and passion, and is wildly popular right here in the Big Apple! This class will teach you all the basics, and have you on your feet and dancing to the beat in no time!

Mostly D’s: Brick Oven Pizza Making
Let’s face it, you’re all over the place. But one thing that remains constant is your love for pizza! Check out this pizza making class, you’ll learn everything from kneading the dough to delicious topping combos!

Mostly E’s: Photo Safari in Highline Elevated Park
You are an explorer at heart, and heck, you’ve never done a photo safari, so why not give it a shot? In this walking tour, you’ll receive professional advice and learn how to take great pictures! After all, you’re always on an adventure– start documenting them!

Enjoy the results of the personality test? You can check all of these out (and so much more!) on Vimbly