Summer is one of the best times of the year: warm weather, vacation time, tons of fun activities to do. Summer is such a great season that it almost seems impossible to make it better. Well, here’s one sure-fire way to enhance your summer experience: cocktails. However, New York City has so many great restaurants and bars that it’s hard to know where to even start! To help you out, here’s a list of the top seven summer cocktails of 2013 that NYC has to offer:

1) Frozies: These are trending like crazy in New York right now. Not exactly sure what this is? Think of a classic slushy (probably your favorite childhood summer drink), add alcohol and then … BAM you’ve got Frozies. Now famous for using a slushy machine, Battery Harris in Williamsburg currently features different types of Frozies ranging from a Dark ‘n Stormy to what they call a Purple Harris, a version of a Peruvian concoction including ingredients like purple corn, rum, and grapefruit.

2) Drunken Dragon’s Milk: This summer treat hails from Macao Trading Company in TriBeCa. It includes ingredients such as green tea vodka (yum!), coconut puree, and lime juice. It is the perfect combination of soothing and refreshing. Plus, it has a killer name!

“Hey, I’m drinking dragon’s milk”

“Wow, you must be a serious BAMF!”


3) Curados de Pulque: You can find this cocktail at Pulqueria in Chinatown. Pulqueria boasts being the sole place in NYC to use pulque, or fermented agave, in their cocktails. You can get the pulque in many different flavors ranging from watermelon to tomatillo, but the combination of ginger and white peach is a customer favorite because it is just so perfectly summery and fresh.

summer cocktails agave vimbly

4) Goblets:  Sugar Factory in NYC’s Meatpacking District has an extensive selection of unique drinks for a New Yorker with a sweet tooth (and perhaps a hankering for a cavity). The goblet is a 36 oz alcoholic concoction that you can get in any of eight flavors, most featuring candy. Some crowd favorites are the ocean blue (a hpnotiq cocktail with gummy sharks “swimming” in it) and the lollipop passion (a tropical cocktail with a blend of melon, coconut, and pineapple, garnished with a bunch of lollipops).

5) I Hear Banjos, Encore: This drink from The Wayland is one of the more unusual ones out there in the East Village. This old fashioned comes with applewood smoke, which customers are encouraged to inhale about 40 seconds after receiving the drink. Once they remove the covering, they experience a taste/smell reminiscent of “a really boozy, burnt apple pie,” according to one of the owners. I guess it’s easy to see why this drink is such a hit in the big apple. (Come on, everyone loves a cheesy pun!)

6) Huckleberry Lemonade: This drink pulls you out of the hot and humid city sun and delivers you to a cool and breezy porch in Mississippi (where you are, of course, sitting in a rocking chair). Available at Berry Park in Brooklyn, this summer treat is the perfect combination of sweet and sour, and is light enough to enjoy casually during the day as you sit at their rooftop bar. As a special touch, it is served in an old fashioned mason jar, really giving this cocktail a summer feel.


7) Grilled Pineapple Mojito: This summery delight is featured at Jimmy, a rooftop bar on the 18th floor of The James Hotel in SoHo. They took an already delicious and refreshing drink, the mojito, and found a way to spice it up with a clever tropical twist. The combination of Haitian rum, fresh lime and mint, and grilled ripe pineapple make this the perfect cocktail for a relaxing New York City summer night.


If none of these are up your alley, though, you can always try your hand at creating on your own perfect summer concoction!