In this day and age, new, innovative products are invented every single day. In fact, they seem to get more and more high-tech and creative as time goes on. With a myriad of impressive inventions coming out all the time, it’s no surprise that many of them are often forgotten or unappreciated. After all, who’s going to care about the Baby Mop when things like Google Glass are coming out? Well, we think that it’s about time that some of the weirder inventions out there had their time to shine, too — it’s only fair.

Though they may be out-of-the-box and possibly unnecessary, some of them are actually pretty genius:


1) FlaskTie: The FlaskTie is exactly what it sounds like: a tie that doubles as a flask. Whether you’re late to a meeting and don’t have time to stop to get a glass of water, or you want to sneak some forbidden swigs of booze while you work, the FlaskTie is there to help. You can fill it up with whatever drink you want and gulp on the go without anyone really noticing. The FlaskTie is filled with a TieBladder (yes, I did say tie bladder) that holds 6 fluid ounces of your favorite liquid and promises not to leak. Their tagline, “a fashion statement of thirst quenching proportions,” pretty much says it all.

2) Baby Mop: According to this KitKat commercial, many parents often think to themselves, “babies are cute, but what use are they?” While that ad is obviously a joke, Baby Mops are 100% real. Sold by Better Than Pants, Baby Mops are wildly popular these days. The creators (jokingly) boast that the Baby Mop will not only teach your baby a strong work ethic, but also help them tone muscles while they make your floors spotless. So if you want to never do housework again while giving your baby motivation to stop dropping food on the floor, for just 40 dollars the famous Baby Mop can be yours.

3) Doggles: Out of this whole list, this invention has had the most success by far. Sometimes something that initially seems like a joke can actually turn into an important solution to a real world need. Doggles are goggles for dogs, designed to do more than protect their eyes from the sun and be a fabulous fashion statement. Doggles also protect your dog’s eyes from dust, debris, and wind, while also helping with various ocular medical conditions. Besides allowing your dog to lay out in the sun and flip through a magazine without having to squint his eyes in the glaring sun, Doggles also have an important use when it comes to the military. Doggles actually helped shield the eyes of countless U.S. war dogs from windblown sand while on missions in Iraq.


4) Goggles Umbrella: This umbrella was made with an imaginative customer in mind. Aiming to give its users some of the excitement they miss from childhood, the Goggles Umbrella tries to help make every rain shower be exciting. The idea behind this invention is that the umbrella reaches down farther than most, protecting your face and hair from the rain. A scuba goggle-shaped patch of the umbrella is cut out at eye level and replaced with a clear material. As you look through the “goggles” while walking down the rainy streets, you’re meant to feel like a kid on an adventure, “navigat[ing] safely through shoals of treacherous pedestrians.” Seems more to us like maybe you should stick to real scuba diving because using this product will just make you look like a weirdo in a funny umbrella, but hey, to each his own.

5) Butter Stick Type: The Butter Stick Type is essentially a glue stick filled with butter. For those people out there who find using a knife to just be too darn strenuous, this is for you. Interestingly enough, there actually is a lot of controversy out there about who the true inventor of this contraption is. Turns out that in 1867 a man named Luke Moon invented the Butter Stick Type during a game of cricket. While rushing to butter his scones with a knife during the short tea break, he was struck by genius, and the Butter Stick Type was born. Unluckily for him, though, Michael Apeness apparently stole his idea. Either way, the Butter Stick Type came to be, and people couldn’t have been happier.

6) Dine Ink Utensils: This invention is perfect for someone who is just sitting down to lunch at his desk, realizes he has no utensils, and is too lazy to get up and get some. Each of these pen caps has an eating utensil built right into it. The idea is that you can switch from writing to eating in no time just by slipping the cap back on your pen. It may be kind of weird, but you’ve got to admit that you kind of want to get some…


7) Potato Chip Grabber: Calling all lazy eaters who appreciate clean hands! We all understand that eating a potato chip can be both a daunting and difficult task. It’s hard to decide whether or not to eat that chip — on the one hand, it’s crispy and delicious, but on the other hand, it will leave your fingers greasy and salty. What in the world should you do?! Cue Potechi’s clever Potato Chip Grabber. This chip grabber acts as a pseudo hand to help you with all of your potato chip needs. Use this product to grab chips, dust off excess crumbs, and eat, all the while keeping your hands squeaky clean. Eating chips and having clean hands? It’s a dream come true.

8 ) Noodle Eater’s Hair Guard: You know that annoying problem you have when you’re eating noodles and your hair always gets in the way?! Oh… you don’t? Well, apparently some people do have this problem because the Noodle Eater’s Hair Guard was invented. No longer will eating a bowl of ramen be one of your biggest challenges in life! And for those of you out there who, like most, don’t seem to understand the magic of the Noodle Eater’s Hair Guard, you clearly don’t understand how incredibly difficult it is to do the obvious alternative of tying your hair back. Looking silly with this rubber hair guard is definitely the more sensible solution.


9) Quikpod Handheld Convertible Tripod: Have you ever wanted to take a selfie, but just couldn’t get it right? Maybe you couldn’t get the the most attractive angle, maybe your finger was in the way, or maybe you couldn’t get your whole face in the frame. What a travesty! Well, suffer no more after buying this tripod that seems to be designed for selfie addicts. All you do is attach your camera, extend the tripod, and you practically have a lengthened arm to take all of the properly angled and framed selfies you desire.

10) Quack: Dog muzzles are often thought to be cruel by most people. Furthermore, they’re generally unattractive. OPPO realized the potential for success here and decided to invent a line of comical muzzles for dogs. Quack, a duck-billed protective muzzle for dogs, is designed to make the traditionally brutal-looking dog muzzle seem more pleasant and funny. After all, if your dog has to wear one then it should at least be a rockin’ fashion statement. Depending on your dogs fur tones, you can chose from three different muzzle colors: pink, yellow, and brown. So quack open your wallet and buy this snazzy new accessory for your pup.