It finally happened. The dreaded day after Labor Day. And though you put a great deal of effort into hanging onto Summer for dear life, it’s actually over. You know you have to find some way to move forward, but you just aren’t sure how. Well dry your tears and look at the bright side; Fall in New York can be one of the most memorable experiences in the world. And not just because the subways are less smelly than they are in the Summer or because the end of bathing suit season means being able to eat all the cronuts you could ever want.

Here’s how to make the most out of Fall in New York City:

1.  First things first: as the weather cools down, ditch your Summer gear for some warm, soft clothing. Who doesn’t love comfy clothes?

2. Eat pumpkin flavored everything. While pumpkin is a very polarizing topic in New York, don’t let the haters bring you down. Sip Pumpkin Spice Lattes and pumpkin beer, scarf pumpkin muffins, then go the extra mile and declare your love for pumpkin by attending the Central Park Pumpkin Fest. And Instagram it all.

3. Speaking of Central Park, Fall wouldn’t be complete without viewing some foliage. The leaves are changing color and it’s just… so… damn… beautiful. But it is a New Yorker’s eternal struggle to even glimpse a tree, let alone marvel at its beauty. Spend some time strolling through Central Park. Bonus tip: if you walk the trail around the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, you’ll see all the gorgeous Fall colors reflected in the water. Bring a date. Look how romantic you are.

4. An even better way to get in touch with nature is to take advantage of our proximity to the Hudson River Valley. That’s right, we’re talking about cozy Autumn weekend getaways. Besides epic parks with expansive views, it also has amazing vineyards and local food, a Haunted House in Sleepy Hollow (complete with a Headless Horseman) and this thing that just looks really, really awesome.

5. Pumpkin isn’t the only thing you should be eating. Looser layers of clothing give you a little more room to grow (more of you to love, right?). The Feast of San Gennaro is September 12th – September 22nd this year and you’ll want to get yourself to Little Italy for all the gut-busting Cannoli, Zeppole, Italian Sausage and Fried Oreos that your stomach can (or can’t) handle.

6. One very New York tradition is the Village Halloween Parade, which has been taking place almost every Halloween night since 1973. On October 31st at 7:00 pm, don a costume and go get a little crazy (but not too crazy).

7. And finally, go Apple Picking! We get it, you live in New York. You can’t get away. You don’t have a car. Here are 2 options that are accessible via public transportation from Manhattan and are close enough that you can be back within a few hours. Soon’s Orchard’s has Apple and Pumpkin Picking on weekends! It’s in the Lower Hudson Valley and you can take Shortline buses from the Port Authority to Middletown, NY. And Wickham’s Fruit Farm on Long Island has Apple and Peach picking, and you can take a LIRR train from Penn Station to Greenport and hop a quick cab to the farm.