You know the end of the season is coming, and you know they’ll leave you confused. To help you hang on until Halloween when you can expect their mid-hiatus pee-your-pants-literally-terrifying episode, Vimbly is here for you.

Here are things to do when Pretty Little Liars ends for the season:

1) Watch the news: Get your fix with weekly real life mysteries of dead wives (RIP Mrs. DiLaurentis), suspicious mistresses (RIP Mrs. DiLaurentis), and crazy parents (yeah, Mrs. Di, that one’s on you, too).

2) Get your drink on: The Liars love to get their drank on. Try a BYOB painting night or fun mixology class near you. If you’re more of a Emily-circa-season-3 kind of drinker, go full force with a beer crawl in your city.

3) Try aerial silks: Troian Bellisario (Spencer Hastings) is an avid aerialist. If you’ve ever wondered where she gets that lean figure, we can probably guess that it has something to do with this intense acrobatic strength training. Plus, without your weekly dose of PLL, you’re gonna need to get your adrenaline fix from somewhere — and hanging from the ceiling artfully clinging to fabrics is definitely a fitting substitute.

4) Follow all the Liars on Instagram: Spencer, Emily, Aria, Hanna, Alison, and even Toby, Mona, Caleb, Ezra, and Ren — they’re all there and very Insta-active. With their regular 19 uploads a day, it’ll feel like they never left you.

5) Leave your doors unlocked. Adding a little suspense to your life is the oldest trick in the Liars’ book! *That was a joke. Lock your doors, people.

6) Set sail for an evening cruise: The Liars love being in confined settings with no escape, especially at nighttime. Remember the Halloween train with Adam Lambert, Meredith’s basement, and the countless doll shops over the years? Hit up your closest ageless galpals and get overdressed for a fun night on the water.

7) Go on a ghost tour: If PLL is good for anything other than fashion do’s and don’t’s, it’s giving us the serious heebie-jeebies. Whether you’re in NYC, Boston, DC, New Orleans, or tons of other places, your city is sure to have a tour of the creepiest sites and legends in the town’s local history.

8) Get a boyfriend to protect you, betray you, and then protect you again. Or a girlfriend. Either will do.

Easy enough, right? See you next season, snitches!