It seems these days everyone is out there searching for his or her soul mate. But ya know, that’s a lot of hard work. Especially when, instead, you can order cheese fries and have them delivered to your door dang near 24/7.

Don’t get me wrong, a loving companion would be nice to keep you warm on a cold winter night, or a rainy day, but so would cheese fries. And unless you’re a cannibal, cheese fries taste better than any significant other. Fries: 1. Love: 0.

There are certainly some good looking people out there (Gosling, I’m talking to you, here) but the twinkle in a lover’s eye can hardly compare to the glisten of freshly poured cheddar over some fried potato sticks.

This is a beautiful pile of cheese fries. They glisten with the perfect amount of sheen. These cheese fries look delicious. Wouldn't you like these cheese fries?“He said the way my cheese fries shined
Put those Georgia stars to shame that night.”
                                                                       -Taylor Swift (sort of)

Cheese fries are always down to stay in and have a chill night with you, no matter what kind of movie you want to watch. Crazy, Stupid Love again? All the better! On the other hand, cheese fries know how to rage and are absolutely the perfect one to end a drunken night at the bars with: they’ll never flake on you or let you down.

While cheese fries may sometimes have a hard exterior, deep down inside they’re soft and fluffy. But unlike with humans, cheese fries won’t push you away or hurt you while you attempt to uncover their inner goodness (unless you burn your mouth eating them too quickly.)

Sometimes, you need a break from cheese fries, and they totally understand that they can be a lot to digest. Unlike a lover, they will patiently wait for you until you want them again — in the fridge, of course!

Ultimately, true love is hard to come by. Some say it only happens once in a lifetime. Cheese fries can happen every single day if you want them to. And unlike love, cheese fries will stay with you forever (in your arteries), for better or for worse, through thick and thin, but probably thick considering the amount of cheese fries you’ve been eating lately.


This Mean Girls mean girl loves Cheese Fries. Don't keep her waiting on her cheese fries! Atta girl.

For the rest of you cheese lovers, cheese fries are just the beginning.

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